14 Oct 2019


How do you create predictable business results?


Consistent, profitable relationships with customers make results predictable, particularly in a challenging business environment. Three fundamental questions persist: Nav to customer relationshipsNav to buying cycleNav to customer-facing strategiesNav to best ways to serve the customerNav to your peopleNav to changeNav to accountabilityNav to process and technologyNav to Innovation

  • How do we define "best" customers both for today and for the long term?

  • How and where do we find these best customers?

  • How do we align and deploy our resources to ensure profitable relationships?


Change Strategies has identified eight leverage points that organizations can build on to create consistent, profitable relationships with customers. Our knowledge, expertise and experience help organizations get results from the individual leverage points and increase those results by building strong interactions among them.

We invite you to explore each of these keys to predictable results and learn how our services have helped large and small organizations acheive them.





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The Reality of Doing More With Less

The extraordinary increases in productivity over the last decade are a testament to the fact that most companies have been pursuing the concept of doing more with less for some time. Some have been successful with true innovation, others through brute force.

With the loss of over 6 million jobs in the last year, however, the already smaller work forces of individual companies are shrinking faster than the actual workload. 

Companies have few systematic ways to cope, let alone respond quickly, in this new environment. The problem is compounded by the impact of reductions in force on those who remain. Organizational psychologists call it “layoff survivor syndrome.” Research has shown that productivity among workers who remain actually dips as they adjust to the empty cubicles around them.

Companies that achieved productivity gains through real innovation need to continue, in fact accelerate, their innovations. Companies that succeeded through brute force methods are faced with significant challenges because they have already wrung out whatever excess capacity they had. In either case, companies must find ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness while at the same time addressing the very real people issues that exist in a post-layoff work environment. To protect dwindling revenue streams, companies must also act quickly.

Change Strategies applies its proven methodology, approach and tools to help companies succeed in their efforts to do more with less. Within a six week period we can help a client:

  • assess and prioritize critical operational areas and processes – separating key revenue and profit driving activities from those that may have evolved in more comfortable times
  • identify specific areas of improvement within those priority areas, focusing on effectiveness and efficiency
  • work with a core group to define roles, responsibilities and process improvements that can be implemented quickly and produce results
  • Begin implementation

Our focus on a core group of people who actually do the work is an essential part of addressing the post-layoff people issues. Through this process those who remain move from victim to active participant in helping the company thrive in difficult times.

Call or email us to explore how you can benefit from our strong record of performance. 

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