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Implement People & Process: commit to it!Implement People & Process: commit to it!

Success in implementing people and process for continuous renewal requires a commitment to a holistic approach

A holitic approach includes these four parameters:

  • Acceptance of the central tenet of change – it must be led, not dictated
  • There is a match between the roles we need people to play and their skills, talents, styles and motivators
  • Training and tools that give people a leg up on success are in place
  • Real-time and periodic feedback mechanisms that capture the defined measures, hold people accountable and encourage idea generation exist

We work with clients to:

  • Identify the times, places, audiences and message content that executive leaders use to articulate their vision for a changed environment and endorse and encourage the necessary change required to achieve the vision
  • Assess the skills, talents, styles and motivators of the people in their organizations, using a variety of well established and customized assessment processes and instruments
  • Develop and deliver process-specific and general skills training employing a full range of modes, from self-paced virtual training to extensive face-to-face workshops
  • Design and put in place role, teaming and process implementation aids including online interactive tools, customized templates, design of reports and dashboards for measurement and accountability



Implementing Large-Scale Change

The final stage of our work with this Fortune 50 company was to help implement the end-to-end marketing and sales process in the emerging region of the world.

The process addressed significant common gaps identified in earlier phases of our work. Regional and country management had approved the roles and process and asked that focus in implementation be on the demand generation, lead management and retention and learning components of the process. The challenge was how to implement consistently and successfully across a region consisting of nearly two dozen countries and over 700 marketing, sales and contact center personnel.

To meet this challenge we identified the following parameters:

  • It was clear that the numbers of people involved, locations dispersed literally across a hemisphere and peoples’ time, particularly that of sales people, all required a variety of approaches to conveying the material and beginning the change process
  • In order for the intended business impact to be realized cultural, role and process change were needed. How people worked, with whom and why were at the core of the cultural change. What people did and when was fundamental to the required role and process change.
  • In order for the new roles and process to “stick” training had to provide practical exposure to and experience with them; tools to reinforce and support them needed to be immediately available, and; the ongoing change needed to be led

We developed and implemented, with the client, an integrated strategy to address each of these requirements. Specifically we:

  • Used virtual learning to provide background, introduce the new roles and process and build credibility of the work by sharing the names of all of the people who had done the work
  • Developed and introduced a series of implementation aids in the form of templates, checklists and sample meeting agendas
  • Worked with the client to incorporate role and process documentation, as well as region-wide access to the common templates and other implementation aids, into an online, interactive tool. This essentially transformed what had previously been “online help” for the CRM tool into an indispensible tool shared across the marketing, sales and contact center organizations
  • Designed and delivered face-to-face training that interspersed brief (30 minute or less) seminar sessions with extended, hands-on practice. Cross-functional teams produced a series of outputs, using the templates and other implementation aids, that were presented and judged by the training group
  • Developed and delivered a full day of training for marketing staff designed to enable them to take the leadership role in ongoing implementation of the new roles and process.
  • Fully integrated the role and process training with training on a major new release of the client’s CRM tool

The face-to-face training concluded with marketing managers leading an actual account planning strategy session with their sales account manager colleagues. This session was designed to allow participants to model the ongoing behavior called for in the new roles and process and resulted in an account plan with specific marketing actions for a key customer.

Over 700 marketing, sales and contact center management people participated in the sessions which were conducted in five locations. Compliance with the process, with results measured at 11 points throughout the process, started immediately and remains high. Six months into implementation sales management reported that marketing influence on near term sales increased from 5% of closed deals before implementation to over 60% after.



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