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We work with clients to focus on the resources that will have the biggest impact

The call for integrated people, process and technology has long been the mantra of consulting and technology implementation projects.

Projects that pursue integration have a higher likelihood of success. Unfortunately, even some of these projects join those that don’t follow an integrated path in having less than hoped for business impact. Many fail altogether.

In our experience this is because the emphasis in these projects is on the technology, with people and process definition as a necessary step in technology implementation. This results in implementing the how with limited understanding and definition of who and what the technology is intended to support and where the real business impact of change is.

In this scenario technology is solving problems that may, or may not have the biggest impact on business results. In fact there is often no technology solution for the things that do have the biggest impact on those results:

  • People who: are clear about their roles and responsibilities; know who the cross-functional colleagues with whom they should be working are; understand what they are accountable for and how they will be measured; and, have the skills to be successful
  • Business process that is clearly defined, integrated cross-functionally and well understood by all who must implement

We help our clients achieve integration by placing the emphasis on people and process and leveraging all four aspects of our approach to delivering consulting services. With this emphasis and by assigning senior level consultants, getting broad-based client participation, creating the right environment for change and accelerating definition and implementation through the use of experience-based starting points our clients have:

  • Realized significant business impact from people and process work alone
  • Improved the functionality of the technology being implemented and dramatically increased adoption rates

Ideally the people and process work is done in advance of technology decisions, however, this is not always possible. Even in these situations, our clients have realized the benefits described.

How we facilitate people, process and technology work


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