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Reassess: continuous renewal requires consistent assessment of progressReassess: continuous renewal requires consistent assessment of progress

The fuel for the internal innovation engine that drives continuous renewal consists of two ingredients: the results of past efforts and the new ideas of the people who do the work of the organization

All of our engagements with clients include work to establish the definition of implementation success. We answer the question: what quantitative and qualitative measures will demonstrate the intended business impact? Capturing those results is only the beginning of creating the fuel. Our Reassessment work with clients focuses on capturing the second ingredient and refining both into the fuel. We:

  • Evaluate the quality of the quantitative and qualitative results captured
  • Assist in interpreting those results
  • Assess the idea-generation ad capture process and/or facilitate gatheringthe new ideas
  • Assist in combining the results and ideas as the fuel for the engine
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the engine in driving the change in strategy, people, process and technology that is essential to continuous renewal in marketing, sales and service organizations

This work results in the well oiled machine that produces consistent, predictable business results with customers.


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