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Expertise, experience and approach come together to deliver unparalleled consulting services

Framed in the context of the eight leverage points we have identified as essential to generating sustained business results, our services keep projects focused on what makes a difference: customers, your relationships with them and how to enhance, extend and improve profitability through them.

Our approach to consulting services distinguishes us from most other firms

We assign senior level consultants to all aspects of client engagements

Our deep experience means that we’ve heard and seen it all. In fact it’s likely we have solved, or helped clients solve, most of the challenges confronting customer-facing organizations. By making senior level assignments throughout, but especially at the data gathering stage, we are able to discern more quickly the nuances involved, establish credibility of the client leader and consultant, and the legitimacy of the project.

We insist on broad-based participation of client personnel

This includes senior leaders, middle management and those in the trenches – because we know it takes this kind of broad-based involvement to identify all facets of the challenge or opportunity being faced. We also know that successful change efforts involve all levels of the affected organization from the start, and throughout the effort.

We create an environment in which client participants discover for themselves the issues which must be addressed

This environment is created with a combination of the right questions asked at the right time, thoughtful presentation of the facts and highly honed skills in group process and facilitation. Maintaining the right environment is critical at all stages of a change process and supports the cross-functional work that is essential for developing effective approaches to addressing the issues.

We accelerate the definition and implementation process

Expertise-driven, experience-tested starting points serve as the launching pad from which client participants build and make the solution their own. We don’t prescribe the solution, we empower participants to arrive at it together. Our facilitated cross-functional workshops also provide an opportunity for the people who will implement to model the behaviors they will need to implement effectively. Our senior level, highly experienced consultants are the key to effective starting points, productive participation and results with impact.

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