Your People are the difference-makers in the marketplace.

09 Jul 2020


Five focus areas are key to winning this new competitionFive focus areas are key to winning this new competition

Facing and winning this new competition will require a renewed focus on human capital, one which is aimed at creating a workforce with a vested interest in sustained and predictable results.

Organizations which recognize people as difference-makers and act and invest accordingly will create such a workforce.

The five areas of focus

  1. Understanding who their people, young and older, are – their skills, talents, styles and motivators – and valuing the differences that emerge
  2. Working to clearly define roles, process and cross-functional teaming that benefit from available skills, talents, styles and motivators and most effectively get the work done
  3. Designing new and flexible working arrangements to both stanch the outflow of critical knowledge and experience and to create attractive environments to retain an evolving workforce
  4. Maximizing the contributions of their people by pushing decision-making and accountability as far into the organization as possible
  5. Investing in the skills they have to do today’s job as well as those they will need to do tomorrow’s



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