Business process isn't how technology works; it's how the business works

14 Oct 2019


Why marketing and sales automation projects fail so frequentlyWhy marketing and sales automation projects fail so frequently

While service organizations have had success harnessing technology, marketing and sales organizations have failed to realize its full productivity and effectiveness potential.

There are three reasons these projects fall short:

  1. Marketing has little or no process documented
  2. Sales has great sales process, but it’s infrequently fully integrated with the other processes in the organization
  3. Marketing and sales have delegated their responsibilities for defining their business and tool requirements to operations and IT organizations

Business processes are a key source of definitions of both business requirements for technology systems and tool functionality. In the absence of such processes, well-intentioned operations and IT people try to facilitate process development with the business functions in the context of technology implementation projects. As a consequence, the tail wags the dog.


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