09 Jul 2020


Retake control of business requirements for technology

Business process isn’t how technology works; it’s how the business works.

Well-defined, cross-functional and fully integrated business processes provide a required basis for ongoing evaluation and improvement of how customer-facing organizations work, both individually and together.

For more than a decade economies in the developed world have been fueled in large part by improvements in productivity, many made possible by technology. The picture for marketing and sales, however, is very different. For years implementation of productivity and effectiveness tools in these functions has stumbled. In fact, it is well documented that eighty percent of the technology deployment projects undertaken in marketing and sales (CRM) fail to meet the levels of business impact promised. Some projects fail altogether.

In the absence of business processes that clearly define how customer-facing organizations work internally, how can companies hope to manage the buying cycles of customers who increasingly feel themselves in control?

Customer-facing organizations must recognize the transformational power of business process and have the discipline to invest enough time in it as both central to continuous renewal and to retaking control of their requirements for technology.

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