Base all customer-facing strategies on a common understanding of the customer

14 Oct 2019


Do you share what you know about your customers?Do you share what you know about your customers?

We hardly ever get to strategic discussions and agreements about customers across functions because individuals come to the table with their own slice of data, available only to them.

We spend time hashing and rehashing the same definitions and debating the validity of the data. As a result, what strategies we do establish are uninformed, incomplete and inadequately bought into.

2. Share

Find information and make it available consistently so that the common definitions we agree on come to life in the same ways across the organization. Wherever possible all functions should use the same sources of data because they enable function-specific information to enhance common definitions in relevant ways that are easily accessed and understood throughout the organization. When, out of necessity, a function has a unique source of data, sharing it allows for a better understanding of how that function affects customer relationships and strategy.

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